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Krefine provides a variety of Electro-Static Dissipative (ESD) control materials, Injection molded parts, rods & sheets, and machined parts. The surface resistance is easily controlled at the specific levels required for ESD control materials by the use of Krefine’s special carbon technology. Kureha Extron will recommend the best polymer type to meet a customer's requirements when the specifics of the end use application are provided such as: ESD range, desired heat or chemical resistance, mechanical properties, etc. Krefine® products can also be tailor made to meet specific ESD values for your end-use needs.

Krefine Products & Contacts
Kureha America Inc.
3151 Briarpark Drive - Suite 1025
Houston, TX 77042 U.S.A.
PHONE: 1-281-916-1633
FAX: 1-281-916-1634
Krefine® compounds, injection molded parts, rods & sheets or machined parts
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