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Specialty Chemicals
Kureha supports the growth and advancement of the pharmaceutical, industrial and agricultural businesses.

Kureha provides products that support people's health, In the pharmaceutical sector, the company's basic philosophy is, "from cure to care," and as such Kureha creates drugs that have minimal side effects that strongly support quality of life in today's modern age. Go to Pharmaceuticals >>

Industrial chemicals not only form the basis of the materials industry, but are the foundation of Kureha's business overall. Chlorine and other fundamental materials are where the roots Kureha's product development capabilities lie, and it is through the utilization of these materials that other new value-added products can be created. Go to Industrial Chemicals >>

In the field of agrochemicals, Kureha aims for a symbiotic relationship between the earth, the people that produce food, and those that eat it. Kureha capitalizes on its formidable research and development resources to produce agrochemicals that increase agricultural productivity as well as protect the environment. Go to Agro Chemicals >>

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