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First to Commercialize Carbon Products

Demand for Kureha's highly regarded carbon products continues to grow. Among the many products the company produces in this area are carbon fibers, which are widely known for their use of petroleum pitch as a raw material. Displaying a variety of characteristics, these products are provided in a number of different forms including chopped fiber, thread, felt, sheets, and cylinders due to their application in a range of fields. In addition, Kureha's bead-shaped activated carbon, developed using the company's original technology, is used as a filtration material in fields such as air deodorization, gas absorption and water purification because of its high strength and fluidity.

Download our individual data sheets on specific products listed below.

CARBON ProductS & Contacts
Kureha America
420 Lexington Ave - Ste 2510
New York, NY 10170
Carbon Fiber Materials
KRECA® Carbon Fiber KRECA® Carbon Fiber Brochure (3.5 MB)
KRECA® Chop (choped and milled fibers) KRECA® Chop Data Sheet (233 KB)
KRECA® Felt (soft insulation for high temperature furnaces) KRECA® Felt Data Sheet (307 KB)
KRECA® FR/RGS (rigid insulation for high temperature furnaces) KRECA® FR/RGS (1.3 MB)
KRECA® Paper/Veil Mat (nonwoven fabric) KRECA® Paper Data Sheet (196 KB)
KRECA® Cloth (woven fabric) KRECA® Cloth (204 KB)
KRECA® Yarn (2 or 3 ply yarn) KRECA® Yarn Data Sheet (128 KB)
Activated Carbon
BAC® (bead-shaped activated carbon) BAC® Data Sheet (1.4 MB)
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