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PVDF - Polyvinylidene Fluoride Resins
Plastic Materials for the New Generation

Another testament to the company's advanced plastics capabilities is KF Polymer (polyvinylidene fluoride resin), which is used in a variety of industries due to its excellent chemical resistance and electrical characteristics.

KUREHA KF POLYMER is most popularly used throughout the world as a binder for lithium-ion batteries. KUREHA KF POLYMER is offered in both powder (W series) and solution (L series) form. L series solutions use NMP (N-Methyl 2-pyrrolidone).

KUREHA KF POLYMER has high chemical resistance and good mechanical properties. One of its most remarkable characteristics is lower irregular bonding of the molecular chain than any other PVDFs, which leads to a perfectly crystallized polymer. Thanks to these properties, long-term and stable performance is obtained with a lower degree of swelling by organic electrolytes in the case of lithium-ion batteries.

PVDF – Applications & Appearance
• Chemical plant machinery
• Ultra-pure water plant machinery
• Plates & Rods
• Pipes
• Powder coating
• Membrane film
• Wire coating
• Chemical pumps
Appearance & Packaging
• Pellets or powder
• Liquid
• 20kg/5-layered paper bag with inner PE bag
• 18kg container
PPS ProductS & Contacts
Kureha America
420 Lexington Ave - Ste 2510
New York, NY 10170
KF POLYMER® (PVDF resins) KF Polymers Data Sheet (664 KB)
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