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Industrial Chemicals
The Foundations of the Basic Materials Industry

Industrial salt subjected to electrolysis producing chlorine and caustic soda was the starting point for Kureha's chemical business. Chlorine is the origin of the company's line of specialty products while caustic soda is an essential material for paper and chemical fiber production. In addition, chlorine and caustic soda are intermediate materials used by Kureha to make PPS resin. Because these two products both increase the value of the other, it has been possible for the company to establish an efficient and economical production system that forms the foundations of the whole Kureha business.

Industrial Chemical ProductS & Contacts
Kureha America Inc.
3151 Briarpark Drive - Suite 1025
Houston, TX 77042 U.S.A.
PHONE: 1-281-916-1633
FAX: 1-281-916-1634
Inorganic Chemicals
Liquid caustic soda
Liquid chlorine / Hydrochloric acid
Sodium hypochlorite / Hydrogen

Organic Chemicals
Monochlorobenzene / para-Dichlorobenzene
ortho-Dichlorobenzene / Trichlorobenzene
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