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Advanced Materials
Many products in society contribute to the advancement of peoples' lives. Kureha's role is to develop original and innovative materials that can contribute to those products, such as those used in personal computers, cell phones and automobile parts. Its products play an important role in everyday appliances that are becoming smaller and lighter every year.

Additionally, today’s world requires increased attention to sustainability. Kureha’s products are used to support a more sustainable world.

Major products at Kureha include advanced plastics such as Kureha's Kuredux " polyglycolic acid (PGA) resin" which is used in wide range of fields including shale gas extraction and industrial processes, "polyphenylene sulphide (PPS) resin," engineering plastics that are widely utilized as an alternative to metal, "polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) resin," which is used in chemically demanding environments such as lithium ion batteries, "products to counter static electricity," are used in the manufacturing of integrated circuit packages and semiconductors, and "carbon products," that are used to purify water, air and gas or as an industrial insulation material.

All of these are specialized products that contribute to and meet the needs of advanced industries that are essential to a sustainable modern life.

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