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Agro Chemicals
Supporting Agriculture to Provide Abundant Food

Kureha has developed agrochemicals that promote harmony with nature while enabling enhanced yield of crop. Metconazole is an agricultural fungicide that is used in more than 30 countries around the world on a variety of crops, including wheat and oil seed rape.

Similarly, Ipconazole is an agricultural fungicide that is highly valued for its capacity to disinfect seeds in rice plants. Both fungicides are agrochemicals that are highly effective across a wide range of crops and will continue to contribute to agricultural development in countries throughout the world.

Agro Chemical Products & Contacts
Kureha America Inc.
3151 Briarpark Drive - Suite 1025
Houston, TX 77042 U.S.A.
PHONE: 1-281-916-1633
FAX: 1-281-916-1634
Metconazole (fungicide for cereals)
Ipconazole (fungicide for rice seeds)
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