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Responsible Care
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Kureha is a Corporate Global Citizen

In 1995 Kureha stated its commitment to implement Responsible Care. Since then, the company has been actively working on a number of environment and health and safety issues, including reducing the company's burden on the environment, and ensuring the safety of products and operations. Furthermore, Kureha believes that these responsibilities extend to all group companies, and as a result has established the "All Kureha Responsible Care Committee."

Through this body, the company intends to enhance its efforts in various fields, including environmental protection, security and disaster response, labor safety and hygiene, quality assurance, natural resource conservation and community relations.

Environmental and product quality systems

Kureha obtained ISO14001, the international standard for environmental management, at its Iwaki Factory in 2001. In addition, in 1996 Kureha obtained the international standard for product quality management system now known as ISO9001, later gaining the 2000 edition of ISO9001 in 2003. Kureha is committed to continuously developing its Responsible Care activities, using these two ISO international standards as a basic framework.

Disaster prevention and labor safety

Safety and disaster prevention are among the most important responsibilities of a manufacturing factory. In order to gain the community's trust, Kureha manages its facilities and operations in strict compliance with the relevant laws. In addition, the company implements a safety and disaster prevention program that includes its own voluntary control criteria, activities and training. In 2004 Kureha was awarded the Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSAS18001) certificate.

Reducing the burden on the environment

Since its establishment, Kureha has developed technologies and products with a view to reducing the burden on the environment. In the case of Iwaki Factory, Kureha seeks to create a manufacturing facility that minimizes stress on the environment by implementing measures such as air and water pollution prevention, reduction of industrial waste, odor control, and CO2 emissions controls.

Contributing to the community

In addition to Kureha General Hospital being used as a community medical facility in the southern part of Iwaki City, Kureha contributes to the local community in a variety of different ways. These include, opening company sports facilities adjacent to Iwaki Factory to public use, volunteering for clean up activities, offering science classes at elementary schools and holding community meetings to initiate dialogue with local neighborhood associations.

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