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Group Charter
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Group Charter
Kureha Group Ethical Charter

In accordance with the following eight principles, Kureha commits to acting in a manner that is sympathetic to society and in compliance with the laws of Japan and the other countries in which it operates.

The company's top management recognizes that it is their role to realize the spirit of the Group Ethical Charter, and ensure its implementation. In the case of any violations, Kureha's management will attempt to resolve those problems, eradicate the cause, prevent recurrence, release relevant information to the public, and implement appropriate punishment wherever necessary without exception. All of Kureha's employees will proactively act in accordance with this Group Ethical Charter throughout their daily lives.

  1. We develop and provide safe and socially valuable products and services to respond to the needs of society.
  2. We work to protect the global environment and ensure the safety and health of the public.
  3. We value extensive dialogue with society and will provide useful, accurate and timely corporate information.
  4. We respect the local community and will actively contribute to its development.
  5. We comply with rules of fair competition.
  6. We maintain transparent and healthy relations within the political and governmental sphere.
  7. We act as a responsible corporate citizen.
  8. We work to create a corporate environment that promotes mutual respect and understanding.
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