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Kureha takes pride in its history of developing original, innovative technology.

Kureha is a leading diversified chemical products manufacturer that has applied its technological development expertise to create numerous original products in fields including advanced products, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and packaging materials such as household wrapping film. Kureha operates with both a broad vision encompassing industry-wide issues and developments, and at the same time, utilizes its specialist expertise to develop cutting-edge products. Kureha's growth and development has come exclusively from producing innovative products that were developed in-house, rather than using outside technology.

A good example of Kureha's culture of in-house research and product development is the invention of polyvinylidene chloride resin, used as plastic food wrap. This was developed by Kureha soon after World War II, utilizing chlorine, a byproduct of caustic soda. With a corporate culture of "developing original technologies to meet society's future needs," the development of polyvinylidene chloride resin was Kureha's first research and development effort without the reliance on overseas technology.

Since that time, a history of original technology and a strong corporate culture has helped Kureha provide an environment in which new products can be created that will withstand the test of time.

A business established on the utilization of chlorine
-----Pursuing dreams

Kureha began its work on chlorine utilization immediately after World War II, in advance of its competitors, with the research and development of polyvinylidene chloride resin. During the 1950's the company expanded its product line through the development of numerous chemical and resin products using original organic synthesis technologies.

Later, in the 1960's, Kureha took up the challenge of the crude oil thermal cracking process. The technological expertise gained from this experience would became the catalyst for the growth of the company's carbon products area and provided the foundations for the development of Kremezin, a medicine for chronic kidney disease. The entrepreneurial mindset fostered in Kureha's early years is firmly embedded in the attitude of all employees, as Kureha pursues dreams with a global perspective.

Original technology giving life to original products
-----Creating products that deliver value

Throughout the company's history, Kureha has continuously focused on developing innovative technological solutions; helping to create original products that bring value to its customers. In the 1970's Kureha's research into immunotherapeutic agents, which Kureha had been conducting for more than 10 years, led to the development of the anti-cancer agent Krestin.

In the 1980's original specialty products such as advanced plastics and agricultural fungicides were developed for Kureha's strategic businesses, which were followed by consumer products including the Kichinto-San series of household products, during the 1990's.

Since 2000, the company has moved away from manufacturing commodity chemicals to become a specialty products business, concentrating specifically on key growth businesses including advanced products, pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals, and high barrier packaging materials.

More recently, in 2005 Kureha took its first steps under its new corporate identity.

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